Friday, August 12, 2011


hope I can give excellent results on all

of you, at ni SPM trial ... and in my SPM ..
my actual x ask a lot of pounds, only
prayers that accompany me into the
hall the next day ... only that the I ask ..
to all the teachers hope the lawful knowledge
that I learned over the years ... especially
to my parents ... pardoned me for this, for
I grew up for 17 years, I promise to do
good out in this , my decision will be my
gift to my parents, that's all I can do for
a while ni, and I want both my parents
proud of my success, I want to dioeng
also happy as other people ... my parents
as my son know what I should
do in order kebahgiaan my perents,
I know they x want anything from me except
that they want a success that
I will bring back later is a good success ..


thanks sayang

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